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Fall’s Grand Entry

If you think about it Fall makes a grand entry in the parts of the country that experience all four seasons.  Some years it is less showy and doesn’t seem to last as long.  When there is the perfect mix of rain, warm sunny days and cool nights the Fall colors are an extravagant showcase.  I like to call it God’s watercolor!  Regardless of where you live or whether it is a great year for Fall foliage, you can create your own grand entry.  Let’s get started by first assessing what your  decorating style, space and budget are.

Your space will determine how much you can do to decorate.  Don’t be discouraged if you have a very small entryway or live in an apartment without an entryway you can still show off your style and creativity.

The budget is probably the largest factor determining how most of us decorate.  I saw some gorgeous large metallic pumpkins at one of the local décor cottages that I would love to have.  Their price was out of my range and I didn’t want to store them either so, I am going to spray paint my own.  If budget is not a concern for you and you aren’t crafty I suggest you go to Michael’s, Hobby Lobby or one of your local stores that has home décor items.  For the rest of you set how much you want to spend and then look for ideas that fall within that range.

fall entry7Style is one of those things that is hard for me because I like it all!  Rustic, earthy, natural, crazy, colorful, metallic and grandiose.    I use to pick a style and then wish I had chosen something different!  Now I just mix them all together and that makes me happy!

I like to start with a container.  If you have a vase or lantern use it.  For those who don’t let’s make one.  There are lots of options.  Use an empty mason jar or wine bottle.  Spray paint an empty jar or carton.  Wrap an empty Pringles can with newspaper, craft paper or scrapbook paper.  Basically use something you  already have.

fall entry1
A few fall touches

Go outside and collect pinecones, acorns, leaves, sweet gum balls (surely this is the only purpose for them!).  You can use all of these items as they are to scatter on your entry table or use as vase filler around stems of Fall foliage in your vase or around a candle.  If you like your styles mixed like me and have any metallic spray or craft paint …gussy up a few.  You can buy apples or small pumpkins or small artificial pumpkins to mix in.  Again, leave them as they are or paint them depending on your style and budget.  Next, search your house for a tray, a candlestick, a pedestal, old linens or burlap.  Try mixing the different items together by layering and having varying heights.  You could even add a fun picture of your children playing in the leaves or a framed quote about Fall.   Mess with it until you love it.

fall entry5

Many homes have an entryway that is consumed by coat closets or a stairwell that has a bannister.  Decorate it!  You can buy a Fall garland or make your own.  This could be a fun project for you and your children.  If you have an apartment use a wreath on the inside door or the door to your coat closet.

fall entry9

Not into decorating for every season, or simply don’t have the space or time, consider transitional decorating.  Use elements that can be used through Fall, Thanksgiving and the Christmas season.  Replace the turkeys with angels, a Santa, reindeer or nativity.

I can’t wait to tackle the dining room table next post!