About the author


Gender:  Female

Education:  Biology & Environmental Science

Occupation:  Wife, mother, worked in the pharmaceutical industry, business partner in my husbands dental practice, owned and operated an event venue and various other jobs through the years which taught me the value of money.

Interests:  I love spending time with family and friends, watching movies, reading suspense novels, looking at magazines, cooking great food, traveling and eating.

Introduction:   As a newly wed I was suddenly faced with cooking meals everyday.  I lived on macaroni and cheese with a can of tuna dumped in during my college years and that was about the extent of my cooking.   Thus began the journey of learning to cook for my family and friends.   I found the best and most reliable recipes came from the teachers I worked with that first year of marriage.  I could taste it, see what it was suppose to look like and get their tips.   After my boys came along (now 24 and 28) I learned to make dishes they liked and that were quick and inexpensive.  I guess you would say my cooking was fairly basic.  Then my husband and I began to adventure out in our dining experiences at restaurants and that was the start of my being inspired to be creative in my culinary skills.  One of the great memories for me is time spent with my grandmothers, my mother and my mother in law learning the “secret” family recipes.  I love to entertain and nearly every occasion calls for some type of food and many call for special table settings, decorations and themes.  Today there are more recipe websites and places to get great ideas for inspiration for any occasion than ever before.  My passion is to pull ideas together and help women who think they lack creativity or those who don’t normally cook be able to pull off an amazing party, holiday event, family reunion or just a special memory making time for their family.


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