Autumn Welcome

Nothing says “Welcome” like your front door to your home or office.  That is why curb appeal is one of the most important factors to get people to want to take a look inside.  Have you ever received a present that was so exquisitely wrapped that you couldn’t wait to see what was inside?  One of the easiest ways to celebrate Fall and to add a festive touch to welcome your guests all season long is with a wreath and a few pumpkins. I created this double wreath with two grapevine wreaths, an artificial vine of leaves and pumpkins, small artificial bouquets from the dollar store, artificial grapes, clumps of artificial nuts from a Christmas sale bin at Hobby Lobby, Raffia, sprigs of evergreen, you name it the more variety the better.   The only tools you need are some wire cutters to take apart some of the bouquets and florist wire or bread ties.  Start with vines or swags and greenery and then add in the colorful goodies!

Double the impact-Two grapevine wreaths attached together with loads of Fall florals
Double the impact-Two grapevine wreaths attached together with loads of Fall florals.
All things Fall
All things Fall- artificial gourds, sunflowers and various clusters of yellow and orange with pops of white and purple.
A few fake pumpkins and mums in pots at varying heights
A few fake pumpkins and mums in pots at varying heights

When you arrange your front porch you can vary height using steps, a stool, a wagon or

Urn topped with a wreath and stacked with pumpkins
Urn topped with a wreath and stacked with pumpkins

wheelbarrow for interest.  Add an outdoor lantern if you have one.  Use what you have and recycle or up cycle an item instead of buying something new.  It’s fun to use an unexpected treasure to create a unique display.  If you have an urn type flower-pot you can simply lay a grapevine wreath on the urn and stack some pumpkins in the center.

No  flower pots for the front porch, not to worry.  Use a few of the plastic jack-o-lantern buckets with a handle to display your mum.  You can spray paint them gold or silver and turn them backwards for a classy fall look.

Dollar store jack-o-lantern buckets


For a totally “green” option buy a large pumpkin, cut a circle out in the top the size of the plastic pot your mum came in and place the mum in the top of a real pumpkin.  Use the flesh to make pumpkin treats then dry and roast the seeds for snacks.  After the holiday season is over plant the mum.

pumpkins as the"pot"

If you like the look of white pumpkins but can’t afford the price then buy the size you want in a fake orange or real pumpkin and paint it white.  If you are good at calligraphy monogram your initial or a saying such as Welcome Friends on your pumpkins.

Calligraphy Welcome
Calligraphy Welcome

For your Fall door décor take the head off of an old rake monogram letter wrapped with jutehandle, add some fall berries and twine or raffia.  Another inexpensive idea is to take a foam wreath or a cardboard monogram letter or large circle and cover by wrapping with twine, burlap or fall fabric.  Add a few artificial fall flowers and leaves, some rusty keys, pinecones or acorns with hot glue.  Tie a wide ribbon or strip of burlap to hang it from and voilà you have a simple creation that will hang between your door and storm door and would be perfect for an apartment door decoration.

Now that you have ideas to make your front door  SCREAM welcome….our next Autumn Inspiration will be to create the warmth and festive feel of Fall after you cross the threshold!


5 thoughts on “Autumn Welcome

  1. Hi Robbin. You posted on Christians Read so I had to check out your blog. Love your ideas. Now I have to add to my collection! Thanks.

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